Although we would love for you to hire us for all your lawn mowing needs, we realize that not everyone can afford lawn care services. If this is the case; here are a few  turf tips that Grass Guru Lawn Service, LLC implements that will help your keep your lawn looking great!

Grass Length

Our #1 tip for healthy turf is to mow your lawn at a length that is 3” or greater.  It’s a common misconception that by having grass cut short it will require less maintenance.  However, quite the opposite occurs.  Short lawns require significant more attention as their more susceptible to weeds and have weaker root systems.

Keep Blades Sharpened

Dull blades will not only make it harder to cut your grass, but it will also harm your grass! Dull blades will tear the blades of grass off instead of cutting it cleanly. We recommend that you sharpen your lawn mower blades every month. For our professional lawn mowing services in Elkhart County we sharpen our  blades every few days because of the volume of lawns that we cut.

Grass Clippings

Another common misconception regarding turf is the bagging of grass clippings. Clippings hold an enormous amount of nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium found in our fertilizers. This means by bagging the grass clippings your eliminating "free" fertilizer from your turf. Bagging should be done, however, when grass clippings are 1" or longer so your lawn won't look clumpy when done. We recommend supplementing the fertilizer from your clippings with our 5 Step Turf Builder Program.