We keep Elkhart lawns looking their best!

Our premium turf builder program is designed to target the necessary requirements for your lawn to thrive in both health and appearance without over applying products at inappropriate times and excessive rates just to make an extra dollar…   

Our standard program consists of four slow-release dry granular fertilizer applications (with pre-emergent weed control) and one scheduled blanket liquid weed control application…

Early Spring Application

This application includes pre-emergent control (as well as advanced early post-emergent control) for many grassy weeds including the annoying weed crabgrass. The pre-emergent weed control is blended with a premium dry granular fertilizer allowing for maximum feed.    

Spring Application

Blanket selective herbicide application over the entire lawn to provide broadleaf weed control for hundreds of annoying weeds. Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds will wilt and die shortly after treatment.    

Early Summer Application

Consists of a premium dry granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen to provide steady food for your lawn.    

Late Summer Application

Here again we apply more slow release nitrogen for a consistent maximum feed. If any broadleaf weeds are present, they will be spot-sprayed dead as needed.   

Fall Application

This application is probably the most beneficial for your lawn. While your lawn is preparing for winter by storing food and nutrients in its root system, it is important to feed it what it wants. This promotes the overall health of the individual grass plants and ensures they will be ready to green up early next spring!


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